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The Rockpapr Platform

Proxy Cards

Turn your existing payment methods into proxy credit cards.

Card Rules

Set rules that govern how merchants can charge you.

P2P Cards

Send proxy cards to peers that charge your payment source.

Spend Tracking

Automatically track your spending behaviors and patterns.
Key Features

Why you need it.

1. Protect financial privacy.
Use proxy cards to conceal your actual number.
2. Save time & money.
Avoid overspending and automate mundane recordkeeping to save.
3. Pay on your terms.
You set the rules for what merchants can charge you.
Proxy Cards
Virtual and physical Visa credit cards that are created by users as a proxy for the payment method linked to their Rockpapr account. The proxy cards are used at point of sale purchasing and when the merchant authorizes your payment, the linked source payment is charged. panels are perfect for building functional mobile layouts.


  • Conceals your credit card number
  • Protects your financial and personal data
  • Configure cards with unique rules
Card Rules
Rules that set the criteria and conditions for making or blocking a purchase. Users can optionally implement spend limits on a daily, weekly, monthly and/or annual basis. Users can also define a date range for which a card is active.


  • Approve payments on your terms
  • Manage recurring payments and subscriptions
  • Enforce proactively set budgets
Peer-to-Peer Cards
Peer-to-Peer (P2P) cards are proxy cards that are created by one user and issued to another. P2P cards give users the ability to link their source payment to a proxy card, with or without card rules, created for and sent to another user.


  • Send cards to your peers and colleagues
  • Allow others to make purchases on your behalf
  • Earn rewards on peer purchases
Spend Tracking
Spend tracking is an automated system that records the receipt of every transaction and allows the user to customize & create expense reports.


  • Automated receipt capture
  • Self-audit spending behaviors
  • Prepare tax-ready documents

"The comfort of knowing that my actual credit card number is never shared with online stores is the ultimate luxury. I will never pay without Rockpapr again."

Janae Redmond
Global VP, Facebook