It's a new day.

Covid-19 brought about everlasting & systemic change to our way of life

and digital-first commerce is creating a sense of urgency to adopt new purchase behaviors.

Why you need it.

1. Protect financial privacy.
Use proxy cards to conceal your actual number.
2. Save time & money.
Avoid overspending and automate mundane recordkeeping to save.
3. Pay on your terms.
You set the rules for what merchants can charge you.

Our goal is simple.

 We're on a mission to simplify spending in the digital economy.

People who underestimate how much they spend online each month
* 2019 Survey by Gartner
Know The Data
  • 493.7m
    Individuals effected by digital data breaches in 2019
  • $586.9b
    US Digital spend in 2019
  • $1.98b
    US Digital fraud in 2019

Spend wisely.

We help business consumers save time & money.
Payments on your terms.

The Digital Economy

has become the standard way of commerce both at home & the office.

We transact

with more merchants online than ever before without safeguards in place to manage against overspending, unintended purchases, and exposure to fraud & theft.

The Covid-19 crisis

reshaped our future but we’ve been prepared for where the world is headed.

We built the first ever

technology platform that saves money and promotes financial wellness by giving consumer controls at every transaction they make online.